Simétrica SBI SaludCore Business Intelligence

Like part of the needs of an insurance agency of health, there is the power to take the administration of its business to operative level, efficient form and with data integrated in a same system, for the different areas from business; Nevertheless, the necessity also exists to be able to make an analysis of the information that generates the transactional systems with respect to the operation of the business and of this form to be able to measure some important aspects of the company like they are, the income which they are been from the sales of products and the payments done by the clients, the expenses that are generated by the payment of the claims, the levels of invoicing and collection, the subscribed product portfolio, the expenses generated by the payment of commissions and the yield offered products in the market.

The power to realize all the analysis of the behavior of the business, is fundamental to be able to plan the course of the company having visibility of the strengths and weaknesses of health products, to take the opportunities business through the identification of new products that can be created, of being able to diminish costs and of increasing the profitability.

Conscious of this necessity of business, we have created a product of intelligence of businesses that allows to realize the analysis of the behavior of the company in its different areas at managerial and executive level; SBI (Saludcore Business Intelligence) is the system that allows to realize this management of analysis, giving the more efficient, more competitive tools necessary to be and with better results. SBI is connected of natural form to the system of Saludcore, being transparent the extraction of the transactional data.


Fundamental Characterístics

  • Gestión de Análisis
  • Dashboards Comparativos
  • Reportes Estadísticos
  • Vista de 360° de Rentabilidad del Negocio
  • KPI´s Indicadores Tipo Semáforo
  • Información Top Ten
  • Drill Down para análisis detallado
  • Acceso a Reportes y Dashboars Personalizados
  • Integración de forma natural con el Sistema SaludCore
  • Posibilidad de Personalizar o ampliar los reportes y dashboards interactivos
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