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Simetrica´s Module Service Management, arises based on the needs that the companies have to bring effective administration in the care of the requests made by customers, getting better and better the timing and quality of services offered.

Simétrica Services is a module developed with advanced web technology to have the chance that applications can be created internally within the company, by the employees involved in the area of customer service as well as externally by the customers themselves, whom can monitor the flow and processing of their application via an Internet connection.

The module is designed to fulfill the entire business cycle of an application management, which in its operative section allows the creation of an application, attach documents, allocation and processing of an application, changing the status of requests, reallocation of applications to other users of the transaction, decline and closing of applications, as well as monitoring and review of each one of them.

Furthermore and based on the configuration made to the module for different types of application, the module will perform automatically the scaling of applications to the next higher level, in case that they don´t cover  the care deadlines customer. These steps can also be automatically reported to superiors by e-mail.

Finally, the service module has several reports of the received applications and the status in which they are. These reports will serve to make the analysis and take necessary actions to improve service.


Fundamental Characterístics

  • Creating international applications
  • Creating Requests for Customers
  • Annex Request Documents
  • Request processing
  • Requests Status Change
  • Reassignment Request
  • Requests Decline
  • Closing Requests
  • Monitoring and Review of Requests for Supervisors
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Automatic Escalation Notification, via e-mail
  • Requests Status Reports
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