About us

Simétrica Consulting is a consulting company (corporation/firm) that have being distinguished and consolidated (strengthened) as synonymous  of Quality, because of its excellence in the consulting services and implementation of business solutions, providing our clients the highest satisfaction through the products and services offered. Simétrica Consulting is a company with over 10 years at the market dedicated to consult technical and functional computing areas.

Our vision is to provide business solutions with the objective of optimize our clients process and increase their profitability through the maximization of the value of the information.

We are plenty conscious that one of the essential values to reach our goal in satisfaction of our clients is the specialization in the knowledge of their operation and that is why we have consultants of great experience and knowledge at different business lines.

We are experts in the health insurance sector and universal insurances and we have developed specific products for the administration, processing and information analysis of health and life insurance, giving the possibility to our clients to attend the essence of their business and letting us take care of the administration of information areas, reaching not only satisfaction but also the growth of their company, being more profitable and offering better services.

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