The Saludcore system  has been designed and developed from its beginnings in a natural and specific way, to take the operative information management of the companies that are dedicated to the health insurances and life sector. Unlike other applications, Saludcore has not been a system of management of universal insurances  that has been transformed to be able to support the particular sector of insurances of health, so any modification to the system is adapted in a fast, efficient way and without putting in risk the stability of the functionality of its different modules and the relation that keep among them.

Saludcore offers an ample flexibility for the handling of individual and collective products because it counts on a module of Parameterization of plans, where can be formed and be designed diverse rules of business, with so detailed characteristics that they allow to create new, innovating and profitable products, in order to satisfy the most demanding clients with practically customized levels.

One of the biggest strengths of the application is its Parameterization module where different rules from business for the main modules can be defined, leaving behind the traditional and onerous schemes that demanded much programming whenever it was needed to create new products. It is counted as well on functionality of modules that allow take the complete operation of health insurances, within a same system, having everything integrated for a fast and easy access of the information, avoiding the duplicity of data, the little rapidity to react before a more demanding market and the inefficiency of the services to the client.


Fundamental Characterístics

  • Individual and Collective assurances
  • Managing portfolio (Quotes, Requests Policies)
  • Calculation of Payment of Commissions
  • Taxes
  • Administration of Claims of Health
  • Contracts of Members
  • Manager of Plans
  • Impression Carnet PVC (Integrated Photo)
  • Telephonic claims
  • Using IVR
  • Controls (Fraud, Productivity, Profitability, Accidents)
  • Emphasis in Support Sales, Administration of Plans, Massive capture, Distribution of the Work, Statistics, Controls of Fraud and operations in Line
  • Payments via Bank Transfer (Suppliers, Commissions and Suplidores)
  • Interface with Legacy systems (AS400)
  • Interface with Applications of Third
  • Technology Client Server
  • Invoicing and Collection (AR)
  • Statistics and Efficient Managing of Big Volumes of Information
  • Administration and Control of Commitments of Payment (AP)
  • Set of Predefined Reports, for the different modules
  • Easy Integration with SBI (Saludcore Business Intelligence)
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